Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birthday Cards for My Grandmother

My grandmother's birthday was Sept. 5th and she loved the color purple. Unfortunately she died August 29th 2011 before my mom could get to see her. My mom had planned a trip to Peru to celebrate her birthday and that is when my grandmother would have gotten to see my card. My mom read the card at the funeral when she arrived in Peru. I hope my grandmother will rest in peace and know that I love her.

Birthday Cards

My mom's birthday was this past Friday and I always make her cards. I never buy cards for any occasion because I have more fun designing or drawing cards for my friends and family. I should try to remember to take photos of all the cards I made because there have been a lot through out the years.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hand Studies

I used to draw hands more often just to get better at it. Hands have always been hard to draw and get proportionally right. The bottom drawing I did was of my own hand and the top was off a photo I found online. For my next drawings I will be photographing my own hands to draw so I can control the light and shadows.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This is a drawing I did as a gift to my husband's cousin's son for his first birthday. The little boy's name is Truth and he is the cutest boy ever. We spend some time with him and my husband's family in LA and on another occasion when they came to visit us in NYC. I took a lot of photos of Truth and wanted to do a drawing of him from one of the photos. I really liked the way this drawing came out and I was able to give it to my husband's cousin before we moved out of LA as a gift for their son.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cherry Blossom Apron

I was invited to my friend's bridal shower back in 2009. I had heard she was going to Japan for her honeymoon so I decided to paint an apron with the famous cherry blossoms. I used acrylic paint and a white apron from Michael's arts and craft store and finished it in a few hours. If I had more time I would have definitely added more detail, but overall I like the way it came out.

My Rio Birthday Card

I love making cards for different occasions, and for my mother-in-law's birthday I decided to make a card based on Rio the movie from BlueSky. Also, my husband (her son) worked on the movie so I thought it would be appropriate and a fun thing for her to have. :)