Friday, August 21, 2009

progress again

I was not liking the way the baby's head was looking especially with the hair. I pretty much re did a lot of the colors of the face and tried to blend the colors better overall in the painting.

More changes

By this point of the painting I had changed my mind about the background and I tried to get the colors of the baby and the mother as solid as possible.


At this point I wasn't sure what colors to do for the baby's clothing. I knew I wanted to do a Mexican textile themed fabric, or at least colors that would be influenced by the Mexican culture. Jeniva had suggested to incorporate the Mexican soccer team jersey into the baby's clothing. I was also going to leave a space for the emblem.

adding a background

As I was painting I couldn't decide on a background, but I couldn't leave the canvas white. At least with some color I was able to see if I liked it or not.

more color

The photograph I had as refrence had a lot of contrast and lots of white. I didn't want to do the painting as an exact copy of the photograph so I made some decisions on what their clothes should look like.

More paint

Adding more paint. deciding on a color palette.


Still very early on with the painting. I took a lot of photos of the progress of the painting as the days went by.

Begining of a Painting

I was asked by my friend, Jeniva, to do a painting for her wedding as a gift to her fiance, Gabriel. I started sketching out the image of Gabriel as a baby with his mom holding him for the painting. This was the very first part of the painting process and I used an old photograph as reference.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Voluptuous Vixen

This is another sketch for the other blog that I'm keeping up with. The topic is Voluptous Vixen and I decided to draw Eve from the story of Adam and Eve. She is offering you the forbiden fruit as it covers part of her body. This was a quick sketch.