Monday, May 18, 2009


This is a painting of Yolanda, a refugee from Togo.


This painting is part of the immigrant series. Lourdes is from Peru remembering her hometown.

self portrait #4

A drawing of me with a hat and braids.


I imagined everything floating.

self portrait #3

Another watercolor.

self portrait #2


self portrait

One of many self portraits, but this was trying a new technique with oil pastels.

Ink illustration

Ink illustration of a woman who fears getting old.


In this illustration I was experimenting with inks and also depicting the subject the result of fast food.

Quick sketch

Using cubes to describe the figure.

Nude figure

This drawing was from a 30 minute pose. In class we start with 10 sec sketches and gradually work our way up to 30 minutes or 1 hour.


a figure study

Figure sketch

another quick sketch from class

Figure Sketch

Quick charcoal sketch

Arm study

This is a small acrylic painting done in one of my figure painting classes.

Sunday, May 17, 2009



Acrylic painting of flower; not finished.

Portrait from Series

This painting was part of the series of immigrants in the US. In the background is an old image of Ecuador which represents the past.

Deer painting

Cloth study painting.

white chalk on black paper

I used white chalk pastel on black bristol paper for this drawing.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

tromp l'oeil painting

A small acrylic painting of envelopes, stamps, and a postcard that I set up. The goal of this painting was to do it in a tromp l'oeil style; which means deception of the eye.

Collage Drawing

I collected black and white images from magazines to create this collage. Then I drew the collage using pencil,charcoal and pastels.

Elephant drawing

I did this elephant drawing at the Museum of Natural History in NYC during my freshman year of college. There are two pieces of paper put together to complete the drawing.

Self potrait

Pencil drawing of me from a few years ago.

Pencil Drawing

Pencil drawing of my mom taking a nap one afternoon.

Acrylic Painting of woman from Eritrea

This is a painting of one woman I met at the refugee center from Eritrea.

Acrylic painting of Egyptian couple

This is a painting of a couple from Egypt that I got to know through my internship at the Refugee Center in Silver Spring, Md during a summer in high school.

Acrylic painting from series

I met many couples at the Refugee Center. This painting was done after interviewing one of the couples and getting to know them better throughout the summer.

Gesture drawing

Pencil drawing

Acrlylic painting

Chalk pastel drawing

Paintings and Drawings

Here is a collection of my paintings and drawings. I hope you enjoy the work.